Are you a highly skilled IBM translator? Keen to take part in a new and exciting collaboration between IBM and Straker? Our Strategic Partnership with IBM means more opportunities for Freelance Translators in key markets within Europe, South America and Asia. You must have proven IBM translations experience and be a native in the target language. Please contact us at to register your interest.

Since 1999 thousands of companies and individuals have trusted Straker to get their message across in any language

Corporate Translations

Fast, quality translations are critical for corporate translations. We also offer alternative pricing models (such as per hour translations) and full automation of the translation process.

Translation Automation

We can automate all, or part of the translation process. We have a team of experts globally to assist you with automation solutions.

Personal Translations

We offer personal translations of immigration and legal documents and can provide certified translations in more than 80 languages.

Which Translation Project Are You After?


Personal Translations

Everything from Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates, Passports, Driver’s Licenses, CVs, Immigration Documents and more.

You will receive a professional translation for your personal use.

Business Translation

All types of Business Translations, including Marketing, Sales, Legal, Financial, Medical, General Business Documents and more.

You will receive a professional translation for your business use.