Machine Translation

  • Customized TA solutions
    Selection of the most suitable MT engine according to the content type and language combination, engine training, and definition of objectives in terms of quality.

  • Pilot projects to gauge the quality of the MT engine
    We will guide your business through the MT implementation stage and improve quality processes.

  • Expert team of post-editors
    We have an expert post-editing team with proven experience in post-editing MT engine results specialized in different sectors.

  • Dedicated MT team
    Our expert team in MT systems and engines will guide you through the whole process.

  • MT service
    We provide machine translation services without professional post-editing.

  • MT service + human post-editing
    We provide machine translation services with professional, quality post-editing services. These can be combined with existing translation memories and glossaries for optimization and a better end result.

Leaders in MT

Straker partners with different leading machine translation (MT) suppliers across the globe as well as building our own MT engines to provide MT solutions adapted to the needs of your company. As we do not have our own MT software, we will propose the MT engine that is best suited to your needs.

If you are interested in implementing your own professional machine translation solution, contact us and our experts will advise you.