Our Translation Services

We specialize in personal, corporate and business translation services.

Since 1999 thousands of companies and individuals have trusted Straker to get their message across in any language

Fast, quality translations are critical for corporate translations. We also offer alternative pricing models (such as per hour translations) and full automation of the translation process.

We can automate all, or part of the translation process. We have a team of experts globally to assist you with automation solutions.

We Charge For Translations Only. Everything Else Is Free To Our Customers:

  • Translation Memory

  • Glossaries, reserved words and linguistic modelling

  • Integrated and online review and validation processes

  • Dedicated Localization Solution Specialists

  • Validation platform tools

  • Easy online project management

  • Automatic quoting and approval

  • Custom APIs and Magento and WordPress plugins available

  • Free online customer dashboard

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To find out more about how we can provide you with high quality and cost-effective business translations, please complete the form below. One of our expert Localization Solution Specialists will be in touch soon. For personal translations, please click here.

If you need to contact us about a quote you’ve requested or a translation job, please contact us at processing@strakertranslations.com and provide us with your reference number which starts with TJ.

Please do not apply for a translator position through our contact forms as you will not get a response. For current translator positions, please click here.

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