Founded in 1999 by Merryn and Grant Straker as a technology services company, the company became a translation services company in 2010 when it saw a gap in the market for technology-based translation services that could utilise both machines and humans to produce highly accurate,  faster and more cost-effective translations.

Since 2010 the company has grown into one of the world’s leading translation service providers.

Join our 50,000 customers around the world who benefit from high-quality, timely and cost-effective human translations.

Global team in 9 countries

We have a global team of solution-focused sales and production people to help assist with your translation needs.

RAY Translation. Ai powered, automated.

deltaRAY enables customers to manage all their translation projects with us in one place, saving time to get on with other things. One of the major problems clients face with translations is how to manage projects. Everything becomes very simple and hassle-free with deltaRAY because you can do everything in the cloud and in a secure environment.

Innovative Solutions

We specialize in corporate and business translation services if you are planning to reach out to your global audiences. Explore our most common sectors or contact us for more information.

13,000 Human Translators

Machine translations can never hope to reach the quality levels of human translators. Human translators are trained linguists with local language and subject domain expertise. Machines can produce an accurate but not perfect general meaning of the content. However, it takes a human translator to add context, sense and grammatical rules to make the translation high-quality and mistake free.

We have more than 13,000 human translators working with us who use their experience and local language skills to create high-quality translations for you. Our translators are consistently reviewed and tested to make sure that our high standards are maintained to get you the very best translation.

We are happy to match your preferred translator to all your future projects whenever you ask us. It’s important to use only human translators with local language expertise and sector-specific experience. Translators who understand the industry sector they work in and who have unrivalled source and target language skills will produce better translations. This ensures high-quality and accurate translations to meet the demands of your target markets.